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If you are selling your home, it makes sense to work with Ballantynes that has vast experience and knowledge on the property market of Scotland. We are confident of our ability to sell your property at the soonest time possible by ensuring that it is exposed to large audience. We have surveyors and estate agents who can provide you with a friendly, personalized and tailored service.

The role of surveyors and estate agents when selling property

Estate agents

Selling a home can be a lengthy process which requires an estate agent with the right experience in the property market so that the home can be displayed in the best possible manner. Finding the right estate agent can be fraught with risk and it makes sense to work with those who have a good reputation in the industry. Ensure that you have an agreement where you are not required to pay a fee if the property is not sold. Always check the terms of agreement on the services that will be provided by the estate agent as part of the fee. The standard commission is between 1 to 2 percent of the value of the home. This is not actually high because the estate agents have to promote the property in different advertising mediums. The estate agent will also provide you with a valuation of your property so that you will get an indication on how much will be the asking price. During the negotiation process with a potential buyer, the estate agent will act as the intermediary so that the best deal can be gained.


The idea of having strangers entering your home can be daunting but if you want to sell, you certainly need to provide access to surveyors and estate agents. To ensure that the visit will not disrupt your normal activities, make sure that the home is prepared. Surveyors are trained for the job and they know how to spot defects that are well hidden. If you are uncertain that the surveyor may uncover some defects, fix them before the appointed date. Your estate agent will help you feel secure while the surveyor is checking every corner of the home.
Surveyors and Estate Agents - How to Sell a Home in the Shortest Possible Time
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